Thursday, March 28, 2013


It gets ridiculous sometimes when people of higher qualification are actually 'assisting' the ones who are lower. One wonders if these 'higher qualification' people were hired just to make fun of the lower ones.

The word 'expedite' is always a dangerous one to use, or perhaps, hear. Everyone wants to get things done quickly, and more importantly, efficiently. But at the end of the day, when tasks are completed and the credits are given to the undeserved ones, then things are not justified.

*In the meeting room*
Boss: Can you do this, Kinoko?
Kinoko: Yes yes yes.
Boss: On time? In 2 days time?
Kinoko: Yes yes yes.
Simon: No no no.
Kinoko: Oh but yes yes yes.
*After the meeting*
Kinoko: Simon. Expedite.
Simon: But you're the expert in this field for this project.
Kinoko: I will help. Then again, I'm flying off for a holiday for the next few days. Expedite, Simon.
Simon: ...

It's the system. Hate them. Or perhaps, it's just the people within the system. Despise them.

Idea by vypur85

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